ArtRebels Meets Angel

Last spring at Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy’s award ceremony for “Who is a Social Entrepreneur?”

Who is a Social Entrepreneur Competition

many from our network were invited to witness the event, which included various guest speakers, one of which was Carla Cammilla Hjort, founder and director of ArtRebels and member of Minerva Bridge.



Amongst the guests was Jakob Algreen-Ussing, a man with a desire to help a young enterprise with an attractive business idea and a social entrepreneurial touch. His main criteria for support were that ArtRebels need be web-based and making a difference in the world, both of which ArtRebels can live up to. The meeting between the entrepreneur and the business angel has resulted in a partnership, lifting ArtRebels to new levels. Merely 3 months after the meeting Jakob obtained half of the holding company, which includes ArtRebels Agency, ArtRebels Exchange, and ArtRebels Events.


Apart from a sum of money for further development ArtRebels gained an active partner and mentor for ArtRebels management. The partnership is still new. However, both sides are already pleased with the collaboration and the company turnover is increasing, along with a more professional spirit, still leaving space for the creative flow that thrives in ArtRebels. In January 2010 ArtRebels is to launch its new website as a global exclusive community/shop/blog for creative souls from all around the world. Optimism is high as the succes story of the partnership is hopefully just beginning.

I share this success story with you, as I would like awareness to spread, of the opportunities to be found in Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy’s events. Because of our broad platform of acquaintances, there are possibilities for collaboration and synergies all the time.


And at all kinds of events!




We are pleased that Minerva Bridge members and other entrepreneurs can benefit from our network. Do take advantage of it. And share success stories with us! How has the network contributed to your life? What people have you met who turned out to be “angels” for your success?



Lisa Gram Bentsen

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